Rewards & Recognition

For more than a decade, Atlas Travel Meetings & Incentives has proven that praise, unique awards, and continuous recognition are the most influential motivators on the planet. Implementing an incentive or recognition program not only produces bottom-line results, but it also encourages better behavior, loyalty, and teamwork. Here are the ways we are different from any other rewards & recognition resource providers...


Designing an incentive or recognition program is an evolutionary process and requires continual review to make sure that goals are being met and the overall vision is achieved. Atlas takes a strategic approach that is proven to provide a positive ROI.


For an incentive or recognition program to gain traction, the audience must be consistently and continually updated on the progress they're making toward achieving their goals. Atlas can help you provide creative updates your audience on a regular basis.


Aligning a desirable reward with the achievement of a goal increases the probability that the goal will be achieved. The operative word is "desirable." The more desirable the reward, the more dramatic the results. When an incentive program fizzles, poor reward selection is often the culprit.